Teeth Whitening

The popularity of our teeth whitening procedure is testament to its success.

Over the years we have helped many people achieve a more brilliant smile using our two systems: in-chair and take-home kits.

Teeth discolouration occurs for a variety of reasons:

  • surface stains due to lifestyle (smoking, red wine, coffee, tea)
  • age
  • poor hygiene

Not everyone can qualify for teeth whitening. You will receive a consultation to determine if your teeth are in suitable condition.

Factors contributing to this are:

  • teeth sensitivity
  • defective or absent tooth enamel
  • gum disease
  • presence of dentures, dental implants, crowns, veneers or fillings
  • pregnancy or breast feeding

We offer two methods of treatment:

  • a 90-minute in-chair procedure with our hygienist for a fast, effective and immediate result with PolaOffice.
  • Take-home procedure: custom made trays with Pola whitening material syringes to self administer at home. Customer-made trays are designed to specifically fit your own teeth.
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