Dental Hygiene

Basic dental care is important to keep your teeth, gum and mouth healthy by practising good oral hygiene daily and ensure regular visits to the dentist.

Good oral hygiene is brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily using correct techniques recommended by your dentist and maintaining six-monthly dental appointments for a routine oral examination as well as professional cleaning and polishing by a dental hygienist.

Practising basic dental care helps:

  • prevent tooth decay
  • prevent gum (periodontal) disease which can damage gum tissue and bones that support teeth and in the longer term lead to loss of teeth
  • save money by preventing tooth decay or gum disease which then reduces the need for fillings and other costly treatment
  • prevent bad breath as brushing and flossing rids your mouth of bacteria which contributes to bad breath
  • maintain white teeth from food/drink or tobacco staining
  • your teeth to last a lifetime
  • improve overall health

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