Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy or Endodontic Treatment is required when a tooth has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury beyond the point where only a filling will be successful.

When the pulp of the tooth which contains soft tissue, blood and nerves becomes infected it causes pain or tooth ache. Severe decay can cause fractures in the tooth which then exposes the pulp to bacteria. The pulp can become infected with bacteria build up and can die if it cannot repair itself. If left untreated, by the pulp removal, it can cause further damage to the tooth and gums. The gum tissues which form the support structures of the tooth can become infected and weaken, causing the tooth to fall out. When this happens there are normally two possible courses of action: root canal therapy or extraction of the tooth. Root Canal Therapy is done to save the natural tooth but this is not always possible.

The procedure involves removing dead pulp through a tiny opening on the tooth’s crown. The canal area is cleaned and disinfected and filled and sealed with a composite resin. In some cases the treatment can involve several dental visits, dependent on the severity of the infection.

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