Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the latest technology in tooth replacement which allows for the replacement of missing teeth almost anywhere in the mouth without the need to affect any other teeth.

It feels, looks and works like the original tooth. Implants can replace from one tooth to multiple missing teeth and even all teeth replacement for people with full dentures who ‘want their teeth back’.

Unlike dentures, implants do not require pastes or glues. It is permanent and often not removable and will leave surrounding teeth untouched. The process involves placing a titanium fixture into the jaw where the tooth or teeth are missing. After a healing period of about three months, new teeth of porcelain and gold alloy made to match your own teeth are attached to the titanium fixture. Patients will rarely notice any difference to their own teeth.

Implants can:

  • restore your natural smile
  • prevent bone loss (due to missing teeth) and maintain facial structure
  • alleviate bite or joint problems caused by missing teeth
  • complement and strengthen an existing bridge or denture

Implants are maintained similarly to your natural teeth: regular brushing, flossing and professional cleaning by a hygienist.

You may benefit from more traditional alternatives like dental bridges and dentures but your treatment will be based on your specific needs.


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