Composite Restorations

Composite restorations are tooth-coloured material used to restore decayed or fractured teeth to improve its original strength, health and natural appearance.

The significantly improved composite resin used is a superior material which is matched to the natural tooth colour and gives a more aesthetic appearance as opposed to the old-fashioned, traditional silver amalgam fillings. This is also a safer option to silver amalgam fillings as the material is mercury-free and cannot expand or contract as do silver amalgam, causing the tooth to push apart and weaken.

The damaged or decayed areas of the tooth are first gently removed and the cavities are filled with the composite resin (which is in a dough-like state) and each layer is set (hardened) using a blue light and shaped to fit the tooth. Polishing finishes off the procedure. You are able to use the tooth as normal immediately after the procedure. Composite restorations can be done for both front and back teeth.
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